About FILA…

FILA… draws inspiration from the latin word “filum”, which means a fine thread. Fine threads are apt representations of international law’s connections to other disciplines. These connections, and some may say international law itself, are sometimes fragile and hard to discern at first blush. This reminder spurs us to further discover and reinforce the links between international law and other disciplines. Further, the name “Fletcher International Law And …” tells of the limitless connections between international law and other disciplines.  

FILA… plays to the strengths of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. The Fletcher School of Law of Diplomacy is unique in its inter-disciplinary view of international affairs by being the first to recognize that a myriad of interests and actors play a part in constructing world order. Every year, it assembles faculty and students from a spectrum of different disciplines in furtherance of this philsophy.  

The academic focus of FILA… reflects a focus on defining and challenging the international legal order and its structures through the eyes of international society. This form of international sociological jurisprudence has yet to be consolidated in a single forum. This approach is necessarily post-modern as it challenges existing “rule-based” concepts of international law by placing it in a variety of analytical frameworks. In so doing, FILA… also seeks to build novel academic approaches to the study of international law by challenging and developing the field through exterior studies ranging from economics and econometrics to international relations and philosophy.  

FILA…’s operations principally include:-  

  • FILA…’s discussion paper series where working papers and other works in progress may be posted for general discussion and/or commentary and response papers from fellow scholars and students of the inter-disciplnary study of international law.
  • FILA…Live: An open discussion board in weblog format with regular updates on new developments in international law (including book reviews and other review essays)

 FILA… may also organize the following events in the near future:- 

  • Online debates;
  • Organization of symposiums; conferences; workshops and other international law events; and
  • Compilation and publication of FILA… discussion papers; and proceedings of international law events and web debates.

For more information on FILA… and international law at the Fletcher School, visit us at http://fletcher.tufts.edu/FILA/.



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